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FEI Launches New Olympic Website

The FEI has recently launched a new all-Olympic website:

It boasts information on current competitors in Hong Kong, Photo Gallery, historical stats of past Olympics and schedules for this edition of the Games

And it promises LIVE online results for every competitor while the action is taking place. That will be a huge bonus for those eagerly tracking the outcome of the various events.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Today I called Visa to let them know that I’d be in Hong Kong for the month of August. I also played it safe and called the Bank as well so that there wouldn’t be a hold put on my banking card when all of a sudden they see purchases/withdrawals being made from halfway across the world. For anyone who will be travelling to watch the Games, I highly recommend doing this. The last thing you want is to be far away from home and having your credit card declined at the hotel or at a restaurant! Plus I’ve heard there are fabulous shopping opportunities. My friend Sheila is doing her best to educate me on Gucci, Dolce & Cabana, etc. so that I know a good knock-off when I see it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping….unless it’s for a big screen tv or the latest & greatest electronic gadget on the market. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to seeing the electronic gadgets they do have in Hong Kong! Maybe I can get some funky new accessories for my iPhone 🙂

$26 for a sandwich??

It struck me that I should get some kind of an idea on what things cost in Hong Kong: a bottle of water, a taxi ride, or picking up something to eat. With $1 Canadian dollar = $7.75 Hong Kong dollars, it makes it hard to understand if paying $26 HK for a sandwich at Starbucks is a good deal, or something you’d pay in Bladerunner! Good news is that $26 HK is about $4 Canadian, so my heart attack can be avoided. Here’s a great site Al found for me which gives you an idea on what pricing is like in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Can you spot Rutger Hauer?

Speaking of Bladerunner, check out this picture!
You can see the super size version at

Now if someone could guarantee for me that Harrison Ford will be there, I’ll be a very happy person! What’s interesting is that most of the signs include English, including the words on the road that say “Bus Lane”.

iphone test

this is the first post with my new iphone . Good to know it works! Hopefully Sha Tin will be full of wifi hotspots. For those who have or are getting an iphone ,there’s a great app on iTunes : a Lonely Planet audiobook on Cantonese. I’ve downloaded it and it’s great. It won’t make me fluent, but I’m looking forward to having a few basic phrases I can say.

Eric Lamaze – Feature Article on CBC

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead - photo ©

Eric Lamaze & Hickstead - photo ©

CBC is doing some great coverage of Equestrian on their website.

Check out this feature article on Eric Lamaze including a video clip interview.

While you’re there, you can also read the profile on Ian Millar who is busy preparing for his record 9th Olympic appearance and already talking about a 10th in London 2012! Now that’s what you call longevity in the sport.

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