An unscripted glimpse at the Canadian Equestrian Team's athletes, supporters & fans before, during and after major games. #CanadaStrong

Today I called Visa to let them know that I’d be in Hong Kong for the month of August. I also played it safe and called the Bank as well so that there wouldn’t be a hold put on my banking card when all of a sudden they see purchases/withdrawals being made from halfway across the world. For anyone who will be travelling to watch the Games, I highly recommend doing this. The last thing you want is to be far away from home and having your credit card declined at the hotel or at a restaurant! Plus I’ve heard there are fabulous shopping opportunities. My friend Sheila is doing her best to educate me on Gucci, Dolce & Cabana, etc. so that I know a good knock-off when I see it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I hate shopping….unless it’s for a big screen tv or the latest & greatest electronic gadget on the market. Speaking of which, I’m looking forward to seeing the electronic gadgets they do have in Hong Kong! Maybe I can get some funky new accessories for my iPhone 🙂


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