An unscripted glimpse at the Canadian Equestrian Team's athletes, supporters & fans before, during and after major games. #CanadaStrong

About Kerri

Kerri has been involved with horses since bugging her parents for riding lessons at the tender age of 8 years old. After a series of lessons in ballet, swimming, figure skating, tennis and piano, the parents were finally worn down enough to agree to riding lessons. The years since that fateful day have seen Kerri take part as a rider, competitor, judge, volunteer and always an avid fan & student of sport.

Volunteer duties have included:

  • Canadian Olympic Committee “A” Session Member for Equestrian
  • Member of the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Sport Partners Relations Committee and Team Selection Committee
  • Equine Canada Board Director
  • Secretary, Equine Canada Board
  • Chair of Equine Canada’s Recognition & Awards Committee and Chair of Equine Canada’s Ethics Committee
  • and very proud Team Leader for the Canadian Equestrian Team.

This blog will attempt to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in the lead-up and during a major games outing.

The saying “it takes a village” has never been more true than when talking about what it takes for our Canadian equestrian teams taking part.



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