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$26 for a sandwich??

It struck me that I should get some kind of an idea on what things cost in Hong Kong: a bottle of water, a taxi ride, or picking up something to eat. With $1 Canadian dollar = $7.75 Hong Kong dollars, it makes it hard to understand if paying $26 HK for a sandwich at Starbucks is a good deal, or something you’d pay in Bladerunner! Good news is that $26 HK is about $4 Canadian, so my heart attack can be avoided. Here’s a great site Al found for me which gives you an idea on what pricing is like in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Can you spot Rutger Hauer?

Speaking of Bladerunner, check out this picture!
You can see the super size version at

Now if someone could guarantee for me that Harrison Ford will be there, I’ll be a very happy person! What’s interesting is that most of the signs include English, including the words on the road that say “Bus Lane”.


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