An unscripted glimpse at the Canadian Equestrian Team's athletes, supporters & fans before, during and after major games. #CanadaStrong

Big City Lights

It’s been a bit busy lately and sadly I’m behind on my postings. On Monday night, I was invited to dinner with the Canadian Eventing team at a restaurant atop the Sheraton Kowloon. The view as spectaculor! Not only do most of the buildings have brightly coloured decorative lighting, but at 8pm a number of the buildings put on a synchronized laser show. My pictures here from my little Powershot camera don’t do it justice, believe me. The dinner was sumptious, and it was nice to get to know the Eventers a little bit better (being a Dressage girl myself). Also sitting around the table were Canadian Team Leader Mike Gallagher, US Team Leader Jim Wolf, Canadian Event Coach David O’Connor and the head of racing operations at the Hong Kong Jockey Club John Ridley. Converation was both interesting and entertaining, especially the discussion comparing the changes to the sport of eventing today compared to 20 years ago…..and where it might be heading in the future. Not to mention I had some of the most delicious crab cakes I’ve ever eaten!


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