An unscripted glimpse at the Canadian Equestrian Team's athletes, supporters & fans before, during and after major games. #CanadaStrong

Eventing in da house!

A very quick blog today to catch up with our athletes’ exploits.

Our dynamo team of Eventing Ladies are greeted each morning by the Canadian mascot. I wonder if they give him a rub for good luck?

Today was an opportunity to familiarize the horses with the showgrounds, including the “field of dreams” main stadium.

Jessica Phoenix & A Little Romance finding their Brazilian groove.


Qorry Blue D’Argouges (Colleen Loach) and his groom extraordinaire Janie Lussier


Qorry already thinking ahead to cross-country fun!



 And our Dressage athletes are en route!

Both Megan Lane and Belinda Trussell are in the air, and will arrive in Rio in the wee hours. Their horses are flying out of JFK, New York on Tuesday and will arrive later in the day.

Belinda: “Waiting for our flight to Rio. There are over 80 athletes on the flight tonight!!





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