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It’s amazing how long it takes to get life back on track when you get totally consumed by a Major Games.

The individual showjumping finals saw a tough course built by Canadian FEI course designer (and 1976 Olympic Silver Medalist) Michel Vaillancourt. The jumps were high, and the time was tight.

After leaving everything out on the field of play to grab the Team Gold (and ticket to Rio2016), Eric, Ian and Yann had a tall order to replicate the magic and unfortunately it wasn’t to be. However the very appreciative crowd gave them a hero’s welcome each time they entered the ring.

Here are some pictures and videos from that day.

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than this….

2015 Pan American Games Individual Showjumping

 The officials keep everything running smoothly (David Ballard standing)

2015 Pan American Games Individual Showjumping

Surprisingly this jump didn’t come down very often. All the train cars are separate, which made for an entertaining re-setup when it was knocked down.

2015 Pan American Games Individual Showjumping

 Some of the hardworking volunteers had a chance to catch the action.
2015 Pan American Games Individual Showjumping

One of my favourite combinations – Argentina’s Jose Larocca Jr & Cornet du Lys (4th place)

2015 Pan American Games Individual Showjumping

 The Grandmaster himself – Craig Collins. Job well done!

Craig Collins 2015 Pan American Games Individual ShowjumpingYann Candele & ShowGirl

Eric Lamaze & Coco Bongo

Ian Millar & Dixson


Comments on: "Pan Am Showjumping Finals" (2)

  1. Jill MacRae said:

    Kerri, you are aware that Tiffany was a member of our Show Jumping team are you not??!
    Without her clear round in the 2nd round of the Nations Cup we would not have had a gold team medal.
    I think that that should have been mentioned in your final blog as I am surew many

    • Jill MacRae said:

      Kerri, I think you should have lead into this blog with highlighting Tiffany’s clean round in the 2nd round of the Nations Cup and then explaining why she did not go in the Individual, which I am assuming is what this blog is about.
      Each of our riders played key roles in the Nations Cup to qualify Canada for a spot. at the Rio Olympics next year. Just saying!!
      Having put together a solidly fought team effort only the top 3 highest placing Canadian riders were eligible to be in the final Individual class, thus Tiffany did not jump in the Final Individual Medal class.

      In reading your info I did not think that the great Team effort was emphasized enough, nor was the fact that all 4 Canadian riders were in the top 30, however only 3 could jump.

      Respectfully submitted by
      Jill MacRae

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