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So much for my pledge to blog every day while I was here. I did have the best of intentions, but life always has a way of interfering with those.

Tina and I are sitting in a very quaint “old world” style cafe while we are waiting for the dryers to dry our clothes next door at the laundromat. For those who watch the British tv soap “Eastenders”, I was expecting Pauline to be there. The cafe, “Buenos Aires Cafe” has pictures of Maradona on the wall, and all old antique furniture for the chairs, tables, shelves. And they have the most unbelievable food. I just scarfed down a beef empanada with Victorian Lemonade….then because we are waiting for the dryers, I couldn’t resist a slice of carrot cake with the most delicious cream cheese icing I’ve ever tasted. It’s all I can do right now from ordering a homemade ham & cheese toasty made on freshly baked bread.



Our Jumpers left the other day, and those flying back to North America (Star Power, Carlotta Singular de Magnifica, George) all arrived safely and are finishing up quarantine. Derly Chin de Muze and Victor made their way by ground to their homebase in Belgium. The Dressage horses pulled out yesterday morning, and I just rec’d word that they arrived in Amsterdam in good shape and are boarding their flight to JFK.

Aside from Tina and myself, the only Canadian team members left are Ian Millar, Ashley Holzer, David Marcus and Jacqueline Brooks. I’m very excited that all of them are staying on so that they can take part in the Closing Ceremonies – woohoo! And from what I hear, the ceremonies promise to be just as much fun as the Opening. With all of the bands that are touted to be playing, it sounds like it is tailored made for me. I absolutely can’t wait.

In addition to doing some laundry today (can’t wait for clean socks!!!), Tina and I also packed up our supplies box to go back with COC Cargo, in addition to the COC boxes of all the team phones which were picked up today at the hotel. This afternoon, we’re hoping we can finally sneak in a bit of sightseeing by riding the Emirates cable car to the Excell Centre and then walking over to see the Thames Barrier. Tina is as bad as me with heights, so I’m finding it very amusing that I’m having to convince her that she has to ride the cable car with me and not pass up on the experience. Then it will onto the next job of convincing her to ride the London Eye!!

Our laundry should be done now, so off to the glamourous job of folding, then carting off our clean clothes back to the hotel.

Will blog some more later today including pics of the incredible Dressage Freestyle day, and updates on Ian’s best ever Olympic top-ten finish plus much more that I haven’t had a chance to share with you over the past several days.


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