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My catch-up blogs are going to be a little out of order….hope people don’t mind too much.

Our Eventing Team arrived yesterday around 1pm to the venue.

Everything went incredibly smoothly, with the horses & equipment first arriving at the Equine Staging Facility (ESF) which Peden (the official equestrian logisitics company for LOCOG) set up at Greenwich University, about a 15-20 min drive from Greenwich Park.

The logic used for ESF was to have a pre-checkpoint where the horses could be checked (for any obvious signs of distress), and the equipment could be separated and scanned (EVERYTHING must go through xray machines before being transported into the venue.

Because Canada has pre-booked all of our arrival times at ESF, we were given first priority even through Sweden arrived just ahead of us. Sorry Sweden! We still like your furniture though.

Horses could then get back onto the trailer, grooms were scanned through security, and off the lorry (yes, I’m picking up on the British lingo) went to Greenwich Park accompanied by an official LOCOG car complete with flashing lights. The trip to the venue was only about 25 mins, which was great. Another brief stop while the army used mirrors to inspect under the vehicle, then off into the venue itself where the horses where delivered almost to the stable door.

Me, I was not so lucky. The LOCOG car could not proceed on into the venue, which meant I enjoyed some exercise as I hoofed it from Black Heath, right to almost St. Mary’s Gate. I know tha’s about 5 furlongs because the venue has a very nifty galloping track which I was told yesterday is 5 furlongs. I essentially walked from one end to the other, and then some. Albeit did enjoy the company of a very attractive and polite young army officer.

All the horses settled beautifully. Our stable block is one of the longest in the venue and quite conveniently located under the partial shade of trees. Our Eventing & Dressage horses are at one end, and the USA is at the other end, with a couple of Italians in the middle. Beside us are the Brits (looking very sharp with their bunting…I’ve already made a mental note for next Games)

The grooms and athletes seem very impressed with the venue, and were eager to start exploring. In addition to the main competition ring, there are 5 training rings, a lunging ring, hacking area, the aforementioned gallop track, and cross-country school area.

Big Kudos go to Peden for masterminding such an incredibly smooth arrival process, and to KER who had all of our shavings, hay, grains and carrots at the ready.

Grooms’ Lounge – sweet!

….and their amazing outdoor patio area. Grooms are really being treated to first class facilities here.

Canada loading the Eventing horses back into the trailer at the Equine Staging Facility

Equine Staging Facility where all equipment must get scanned before it can come to the venue


First Canadian hoofprints at the venue!

Getting organized

Busy giving the stables a Canadian touch



Comments on: "First Team on the Ground – Eventing!" (6)

  1. A Kerri groupie said:

    Really enjoyed the photos. The grooms must be really happy! Sorry to hear there is a problem with your internet service at the hotel and the tragedy with your i-phone – hope the rice works! Your Blogs are always a pleasure to read – so much detail.Look forward to the next update. How about a photo of you & Mark!

  2. Patt Ward said:

    Great photos! I can’t wait to see more!

  3. Harry Poulos said:

    Does anyone know which TV channel or service will be carrying the equestrian events from London? Last olympics it was CBC Bold but who or what channel in Canada will be specifically carrying all the equestrian events? Go Canada Go!

    • kerrimcgregor said:

      Click on the CTV graphic on my blog and it will give you all the info

    • Mark Greenwood said:

      we have CTV OLYMPICS streaming application for all… they are covering all equestrian …OLN has some action as well

  4. Great photos, looks very exciting! It’s great to have an inside perspective; I didn’t know about all of the security and screening just to get INTO the venue!
    Can’t wait to see more posts! 🙂

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