An unscripted glimpse at the Canadian Equestrian Team's athletes, supporters & fans before, during and after major games. #CanadaStrong

A small glimpse of a day in the life of the Canadian Olympic Committee Mission Staff. 686 bags were organized and packed for EACH Canadian Olympic Team member (athletes and support staff). That included making sure that each bag had the correct size of the Olympic team gear, which is comprised of 26 pieces! (t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, socks, shoes, backpack and of course rain gear). All in a very stylish Team Canada duffel bag.

I can already hear the requests for snagging an extra COC Team backpack (you know who you are!) 🙂

When you see the Canadian Olympic Team swagger in their stylin’ clothes on your tv screens, it is thanks to the hard efforts of the COC’s Outfitting Team!

But still under high secrecy is the outfit for Opening Ceremonies. Could it be a repeat of Beijing? (yikes!)

Special thanks to chef Mark Tewksbury for the photos!


Comments on: "Canadian Olympic Team Gear – Woohoo!" (1)

  1. thundamanz said:

    To be quiet honest, The Bay Team Canada Olympic wear is a bit retro, and yet should of been inspirational to our nation. It just looks like the designers slapped it all together… for the money they will make off the selling of the kit, seems no effort this Olympics was put into its design. but that’s my opinion.

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