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Mexico Bound!!

A very quick post as Tina and I wait for a connecting flight in Atlanta en route to Guadalajara. (now known in this blog as GDL)

We are leaving blue skies, sunshine and summer weather in Toronto for thunderstorms in GDL

Using this time to quickly download emails, listen to messages and see if there’s anything urgent which requires immediate attention. Unfortunately there is…but more on that later.

Tina and I get in at 8:30pm tonight in GDL. The Canadian Olympic COmmittee (COC…there will be a lot of acronyms you’ll come to know well if you read this blog over the days) will be meeting us at the airport with hopefully our assigned car and driver.

The email from the COC mentioned twice that our driver knows sa little English. I’m taking the hint and will make sure to play my Spanish iPhone app on the plane at least several times. 🙂

A busy day on deck tomorrow which will include:
– meeting COPAG’s Equestrian Director to review the arrival process for the Dressage horses (COPAG = Pan Am Organizing Committee)
– confirming the Accreditation process with the COC
– organizing the car & driver for the Dressage team
– meeting the firt of our Dressage team arrivals and getting them settled
– a trip to the venues to check things out
-…..and maybe eat something in between all of that.

Stay tuned for regular updates, as our Canadian Equestrian Team descends upon Tequila country!


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