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Homeward Bound

This is going to be a bit out of sequence since I’m way behind in my updates. I figured I would update for today, then work backwards for the days I’ve missed. That way at least you’ll have today’s news today.

The jumpers were the last to leave today, along with Gran Gesto tagging along for the ride. The venue is like a ghostown. It’s even more depressing because you can still see the aftereffects of the Typhoon that blew threw the other day. There are broken trees and branches bundled up, torn posters, debris etc. Kind of adds to the overall gloomy mood.

The horses left at 2pm. I was still impressed as just how effecient the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Pedens are at loading up the horses for their trip to the airport. Those horse vans are absolutely incredible, and not one horse hesitated stepping onto them. The police escort was there and accompanied them to the airport, blocking off the intersections so that the horses just sail right through.

The only people left now are Kirsten, Samantha and Dominque (jumper grooms), Lindsay (Gran Gesto’s groom), myself and Mike. We’re all set to leave tomorrow on different flights. Unfortunately Equine Canada president Al Patterson is still stuck here. He was meant to leave this morning but Air Canada cancelled the flight to Vancouver so he has to wait until tomorrow morning. I keep checking Mike and mine’s flight to Toronto and it says it’s on schedule. Phew! As much as I`ve had a blast in Hong Kong, I`m really ready to come home. Although I will definitely miss my hotel housekeeper Ping! Somehow I don`t think I`m going to get the same service when I get back home 🙂

So now it`s Para Equestrian`s turn. I think chef dèquipe Elizabeth Bordeaux is arriving in the next few days with the horses following shortly. Already they are making some changes at the venue including putting down some plastic tiles on the gravel pathways for wheelchairs.  I hope that the Para Team enjoys much success!

all packed up and waiting for the horse vans to arrive.

all packed up and waiting for the horse vans to arrive.

Its go time!

Its go time!

Ole getting ready to board his limousine ride to the airport

Ole getting ready to board his limousine ride to the airport


World`s best horse with the world`s best groom (Hickstead and Jerome) making the trip to the horse vans

last view of Penfold Park from the shuttle many memories!

last view of Penfold Park from the shuttle many memories!


Comments on: "Homeward Bound" (2)

  1. " A Kerri Groupie" said:

    Sure going to miss the Hong Kong daily updates but it will be great to have you home safe & sound. It has been an amazing experience for you and thanks to you for the rest of us. The competitors made us proud and I wave my flag & raise a glass to them! The volunteers should step up to the podium and take a bow! What would these competitions be like without the dedicated volunteers! CHEERS!!

  2. I am really going to miss my “Kerri” fix! Reading all the exciting behind the scenes information at the Olympics was SUCH a treat Kerri! I can’t tell you how much I and many of my friends enjoyed your blog and talked about it each day at the barn. You have done an outstanding job of keeping us all informed! Have a safe and RELAXED trip home.

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