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More on the Judging

Apparently I can’t let this one go. It’s been on my mind since last night. I understand that judging is not the easiest job to do. And doing it at an event as big as the Olympics must be quite stressful as you are putting your neck on the line for all the world to see. Then again, I do have the expectation that if you’re an FEI O level judge, that you’ve got the necessary training and skills to be able to do the job.

I’ve already commented on Gotthilf Riexinger antics with bell ringing abilities (or lack thereof).Now I’m looking at the individual score breakdowns from the Freestyle and am having a real hard time understanding the logic, even though I am honestly trying very hard. You can see the scores by clicking here. Every judge had Steffen Peters and Ravel placed 3rd except for the German judge. He had Ravel in 8th place. Wow – I just can’t understand how that is possible. I was there watching all of the rides, and Ravel’s freestyle was definitely not an 8th place ride. Sure he had a couple of bobbles, but nothing too serious and the quality & flow was just phenomenal. Not to mention the interpretation of the music! It had all the ingredients there. Instead, Riexinger had Great Britain’s Emma Hindle and Lancet placed third. Don’t get me wrong, it was a cute freestyle – but no comparison to Steffen and Ravel. It seems that Riexinger doesn’t like Russia either as he had the passage/piaffe machine Balagur in 12th position. That one makes me scratch my head as well.

Interesting that Riexinger was the only judge to be on the panel for all 3 dressage classes. If nothing else, he is consistent as his judging defied logic each day. It’s really too bad that dressage doesn’t follow other subjective sports like synchronized swimming and figure skating where the high and low scores are removed. If that had happened, I think you would get a much more true ranking list….and Steffen would have been on the podium. Maybe the FEI Dressage Committee, when they are looking at ways to improve the sport, should throw that topic onto the discussion table. Global Dressage Forum anyone?


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  1. Kerri-
    We haven’t met, I don’t think. I am an eventer from BC. Was hoping to ride in HK, horsey a little too green- see you in 2010??
    Anyhow, LOVING the blog and pictures, merci milles fois. My husband is a chef and makes a KILLER cheesecake. If you are ever in Vancouver, look me up, and enjoy some great grub.

  2. One bad apple spoils the barrel. It’s unfortunate Rexlinger was consistently so out to lunch..blind..or simply playing politics. The rest of the FEI O Judges got it right, did the job expected of them for most of the test movements. As always there was a couple of questionable scores given for movements not performed. On August 19 there was discussion amoung Chefs, trainers, coaches prior to the Freestyle whether or not to request the removal of Riexingler from the Individual FS panel. After a meeting we all agreed this was not our job to argue for this possibility and in doing so perhaps comprimising the resulting scores of our Athletes prior to the Freestyle Final. MOST DEFINATELY ONE Judge was the bad apple and needs to repremanded by the FEI Dressage Committee for consistently scoring incorrectly with up to 24 marks difference (5%) on several rides throughout the 3 Tests. This comprimised a “fair play” result for several Athletes while tainting the entire FEI Judges Panel whom for the most part seemingly judged fairly and accurately. A Forum is in order post competition…NOT DURING THE COMPETITION THANK YOU !!

  3. THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and photos from the Olympics. I’ve been watching as much of the live video feeds as I can, and the highlights, but I’m really enjoying your insight and behind the scenes look.

  4. Thanks for the update on the gate issue with Ashley. You couldn’t tell what was going on from TV coverage, it just seemd that she had the wrong music or it didn’t start in the right place. The bell issue also hasn’t been discussed live on air so it really perfect to have the inside edge 🙂

    Keep up the great work Kerri. Maybe we should all talk about an Olympic night with you as the feature !!!! Okay .. don’t shoot me for that suggestion.

  5. Kerri- once again, well done. Two things, first on the jumpers, I don’t know if you have access to NBC’s online coverage but there is great camera coverage in the “warm down, sign here for your drug test” ring, it was really touching (okayy, I got really choked up) to see the USA and Canada Team jumpers express great camaraderie with sincere and warm congratulations, really super sport and super sportsman. Even more fun was seeing what I think was you and another woman on the footage holding up the Canadian flag (I only know what you look like from the blog so I could be wrong). Second thing, I SOO agree with you on the dressage judging. Loved the Russian horse, Loved Ravel- I even blogged on it! Feel free to check out what I said at, I even linked to the youtub clip of the dressage par after seeing it here!

    Anyway- your “rest day” is probably ending, best luck for more Canadian Medals in the Individual SJ!

  6. It seems like the Germany judge doesn’t like North American’s

  7. agree with all the sentiments…one little oops though in the write up………Dutch rider Andreas??? Make that Danish!!

  8. Kerri, I hope you continue your great stories after your trip as well, this has been part of my morning routine and I enjoy your writing very much. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

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