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My Hero!

This pic deserved a post all on it’s own. I felt like the ultimate groupie tonight but as Ali pointed out to me….when am I going to get another chance to hang out with Mark Todd!?!?! Yes, I did feel embarrassed to tap Mr. Eventing Legend himself on the shoulder and introduce myself as a huge fan who would be thrilled to bits if I could have my picture taken. But it was well worth it. Check it out! That’s me and Mark Todd!


my smile doesn't even come close to demonstrating how excited I was to be standing next to Mark Todd with his arm around my shoulder 🙂


Comments on: "My Hero!" (1)

  1. " A Kerri Groupie" said:

    Hi Kerri,
    What a great photo of you and Mark Todd. It’s been a long time since you evented and I am sure a lot of memories went racing through your mind at the time! It was great seeing you on television last night! How astonishing was that? Next time wave the Canadian Flag so we can pick you out right away.

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