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CBC has posted their tv schedule for coverage of the Olympic Games. They will be doing some fantastic coverage of Equestrian with camera crews here. I ran into Peter Gray at the accreditation tent today who is here on behalf of CBC to help them catch all of the horsey action. Colour commentators include Nancy Whetmore, Beth Underhill and Cara Whitham. Should be great! Even though I’m here, I’ve asked Al to tape on tv for me.

Go to:

Lots more to update here, but I’ve got to run for a Team Leader meeting. I’ll quickly say that the Canadian Jumpers touched down safely and all are now relaxing in their stalls.


Comments on: "CBC TV Schedule for Olympic Equestrian Coverage" (4)

  1. Catherine said:

    A quick thank you to you and everyone on the team that is taking the time to blog. It is much appreciated.

    Also – a question. Is there anywhere online where we will be able to get an order of go for each of the competitions? It looks like the television coverage will be extensive – which is great. However, for those of us who can’t watch it all it would be helpful to be able to try and catch our favourites.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Vicki Pringle said:

    Hey Kerri…check this out..–.html. Don’t know who Robert Patersons is, but he is very complimentary about your blog 🙂 PS I think you look superb in the photos…keep them coming!

  3. Christine "teeny" Rennick said:

    Hi Kerri – your blog is great! Thanks for helping us get a sense of “the vibe”…enjoy!

  4. Dorothy McDonall said:

    Hi Kerri!

    Great blog and pix. Keep it coming!!! And best of luck to all our equestrian competitors — human and equine. I’ll be rootin’ fer ya! Cheerz!

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