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Ian Millar

Ian Millar

Canada’s showjumping legend Ian Millar is certainly getting tons of press this past week. With the Canadian Olympic Committee making the announcement on who is Canada’s flagbearer at these Games, let’s hope it’s an omen! (read people’s comments about who the flagbearer should be by clicking here)

CBC’s Olympic tv program, Countdown to Beijing, this week featured quite a touching profile on Ian Millar. Ian talks about his participation in 8 previous Olymic Games (9 if you count the boycotted Games in 1980) as well as the loss of his biggest fan & supporter, his wife Lynn Millar.

You can see the video clip on CBC’s website at:

The Globe & Mail features an article profiling Captain Canada. Ian talks about his experience at past Olympic Games, and why he is still hungry for success after all these year.


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