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Countdown to Beijing

Countdown to Beijing

Canadian Equestrian Team Leader extraordinaire Mike Gallagher was on tonight’s episode of CBC’s Countdown to Beijing. Way to go Mike! Olympic Showjumper Beth Underhill was also on the show, talking about Canada’s Equestrian Teams and their prospects in Hong Kong. They also provided some fantastic coverage of the stable facilities, indoor arena, cross-country course, main stadium, and veterinary facilities. All I can say is….WOW! Looks absolutely incredible. The stables are air-conditioned to maintain a 23C temperature at all times, the entire aisleway and all stalls have rubber mats, and not only are there misting stations outside, but there is also a portable misting station.

If you missed the episode, it should be repeating Saturday July 12 on CBC.

Or you can go to the CBC archives at

CBC Bold will be showing coverage of the Olympic equestrian events. Nancy Wetmore will return as commentator with Cara Whitham as the analyst for Dressage and Eventing, and Beth Underhill as the analyst for Showjumping. Check out their website at


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