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Olympic well wishes

I received this email yesterday from the “Rising Stars” group in British Columbia:

“In this the  eve of the Olympics when all eyes are on the hero’s of our sport  – none more firmly focused in your  direction than that of the youth in our sport.  As the organizers of the Rising Stars Youth  Dressage and Hack Challenge and on behalf of all the competitors we wish you the  best Olympic experience ever.  We are proud that you are representing our  sport and our country.

We salute the ‘Stars’ of our sport from the ‘Rising Stars’ in our  sport.

Greetings from Canada  Sue  Holtby,  Wendy Christoff and Nancy Olson”


Comments on: "Olympic well wishes" (3)

  1. Anne Welch said:

    Good people, good thoughts. Anne

  2. We are so proud of the ENTIRE Canadian Equestrian Team…. God Speed To All …. !!

    HAVE A BLAST !!!!

    Marc / Victoria / Donna / Daniella

  3. Fabulous posts from both you and Mike!

    Really love reading the updates for all of the riders, horses and all of the support people.

    Keep up the great work.

    Go Canada Go

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